Resources & Costs

Project Needs

The potential scale and scope of this project are large. In order to produce a catalogue it will be a multiyear dedicated initiative. We believe that it is worth our effort. 

We are currently working on the details, cost, strategy, and cementing the partnerships that will allow us to get this done.

We are also defining the core project plan through a Proof of Concept. This Proof of Concept will serve as a repeatable blueprint and guide through the complete capture, design, printing, and finishing phases. Please see the Proof of Concept section for more info.


Full resources required to get to full 100% capacity operations of this project would include:


Hardware – 3D Scanners

Leading-edge scanners allow for high detail and precision data capture.

This data can then be used to create models for many use cases: A student exploring the interior of a cabin or looking up at a statue in a town square while in VR. A historical preservationist interested in reviewing tool marks on wood or ironwork details. A legal scholar analyzing site placement.

Examples: Faro – $90k – $125k. Artec – $42k. Creaform Handyscan Black Elite – $60k plus laptop.


Hardware – Drones

Drones allow for the full capture of buildings, monuments, rooflines, sites, and other hard to reach places or scales. Coupled with 360 view cameras, we can garner birds eye views not captured through still photography, laser, or structured light.

Examples: Skydio X2 $2.9k (w/o scanner), Vuze 3D 360 Spherical VR 4K Camera – Black $499, Kandao $2k. DJI.


Transportation and Logistics

Travel, transport, overnight stays, meals, permits and other such on the ground details. 

Examples are: Van / RV day rate $355.00 p/d. Retrofit of van/RV to become a mobile 3D scanning / work station – $10k to $15k. Per project cost of travel and accommodations such as gas, meals, overnight.


Other Gear and Tools

Storage, data, workstations, software costs and other technical details.

Examples are: Processing station with graphics card, GPU etc – $7k to $12k. Geomagics Software – $22.5k. Mobile internet. Van/RV based storage. Cloud / offsite backup. Domain. Website. Software / hosting for the catalogue, AR/VR headset.



Volunteers could form the bulk of on-site scanning operators. Especially at the local level. Students and local community members can learn to operate most of the scanners or use their own tools through our dedicated training operators at $15k for group sessions however the high precision scanners and gear would only be operated by trained staff.


  • Cost of a dedicated Project Manager, Logistics Administration, and Site/Location Coordinator and Scheduler – $60k to $72k salaried.
  • Cost of two dedicated 3D scanning engineers for the core production when volunteers are not available. $65K – $80k salaried each (depending on experience).

The above are the full projected needs. At the start and as a proof of concept and our dedication, PaliProto 3D Printing, as founding sponsor, can make available the following:

  • 3D printers to produce physical objects from digitized artifacts. We have 40 printers.
  • Framework for a digital artifact catalogue.
  • Two structured light scanners to capture artifacts as well as photogrammetry tools including Autodesk software.
  • Design and scanning technician to be scheduled.
  • One van available to be scheduled.
  • Domain, site, hosting, design & processing software.
  • Spare parts printed for rigging, drones, tools.

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