Proof of Concept

Places at risk

While the advancements in 3D capture technology provide an improved opportunity to digitally preserve places and items at a scale that has never been available before – preservation is still a race against time.

There are hundreds if not thousands of places at risk. Historical places crumbling from neglect, lack of budget/finances, lack of media attention/wider popularity, or slated for the dust bin due to expanding development.

Potential Locations and Sites

While we are documenting a number of small locations and historical assets right now, a major Proof of Concept project is needed to show the wider opportunities and benefits of The Digitized South initiative.


Civic Sites

Town, County, State buildings such as courthouses, jails, libraries, hospitals, and associated spaces.


Places of Worship

Churches, Synagogues, Meeting Houses, Mosques, Reading Rooms, Community Specific Houses of Worship, first churches, small rural places to large brick buildings and associated spaces.


Education Sites

Schools, small school houses, University buildings, campus buildings, libraries.


Local Sites of Historical Events

Restaurants, meeting halls, homes, town squares. Buildings involved in local historical events.


Local Sites of Historical Figures

Birthplaces and residences of historical and local figures.


Memorial Grounds

Cemeteries, tombs, headstones, grave markers, grave sites, burial grounds.


Outdoor Objects and Spaces

Courtyards, gardens, parks, town squares. Statues, monuments, public artwork, and sculpture. Bridges.


Industry and Businesses

Industrial infrastructure with regional meaning (e.g. Water towers, manufacturing plants, railway stations, docks etc.)

Commercial sites such as theaters, stores, markets, gas stations.


Native American Sites

Native American artifacts, mounds, spiritual places.


Sites of Architectural Significance

Buildings of local architectural, material, or stylistic significance.

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