Community Benifits


Today, advancements in 3D capture technology provide an improved opportunity to digitally preserve a communities heritage and history at a scale that has never been available before.

It also allows for the granularity that has been cost prohibitive until very recently. Many historical buildings, churches, court houses, community centers, statues, town squares, historical homes, and the everyday places where a nation’s history is formed can now be preserved.

While the technology is there it is still a race against time. Some popular historical sites and structures have dedicated resources to preserve their history, many more local sites are at risk if we do not take advantage of the technological opportunities and benefits.

Opportunity in Historical Preservation

Historical preservation projects through digital technologies can bring a community opportunities.


Skill Development Opportunities

The opportunity to use, learn, and upskill on digital tools such as 3D Scanners, 3D Printers, AR/VR environments, CAD software, location and logistics and more.


Job Creation Opportunities

Historical preservation is a subset of site and object capture through digital technologies. A collection of expanding fields and industries that include site documentation, surveying, resource management, development, insurance and more. 


Education Opportunities

Both educators, students, and community members can benefit from exploration of historical assets. Local community members can connect with a wider community interested in the subject of historical preservation and hyper local historical research.


Economic Opportunities

Through skills development, job creation, education opportunities a community has the ability to leverage it’s historical assets in a global market.